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European Theatre Festival Eurothalia

September 24, 2023, 7:30 p.m.-10:20 p.m., at the Regional Business Center - Bd. Eroilor de la Tisa 22


by: Margarita Zieda

Director and stage designer: Alvis Hermanis

Production: The New Riga Theatre (LV)

How can we adapt to the new times that are coming towards us and set new rules? How can we save our values and remain present with all our being?

In today's world, China is a landmark in creating new notions and new developments. NC63 ("No computers 63 hours!") is just one of these suggestions and asks contemporaries to turn off their computers on Friday at six in the evening and turn them on again on Monday no earlier than nine in the morning.

In this performance, the power of a Latvian poet's wit is tested by modern China.


With: Guna Zariņa, Vilis Daudziņš

Costume designer: Jana Čivžele

Video design: Mārtiņš Ratniks

Choreography: Olga Žitluhina

Light design: Mareks Lužinskis

Copyright Image © Jānis Deinats


Language: Latvian

Simultaneous translation via headphones: LV-DE, LV-RO, LV-EN

Age restriction: 14+