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European Theatre Festival Eurothalia

October 11, 2017, 9 p.m.-10 p.m., in the Hall SC Hydromatic Sistem SRL (Bulevardul Constructorilor)


Scenic adaptation and directed by: Eugenio Barba –– Coproduction: Fondazione Pontedera Teatro & Odin Teatret (Denmark)

Based on the short story Letter to the wind from It is getting later and later, a novel in the form of letters by Antonio Tabucchi –– Scenic adaptation and direction: Eugenio Barba –– With: Roberta Carreri, Jan Ferslev –– Music: Jan Ferslev –– Scenic space: Antonella Diana & Odin Teatret –– Costumes: Odin Teatret –– Light designer: Jesper Kongshaug –– Graphics: Marco Donati –– Assistant director: Raúl Iaiza –– Literary adviser: Nando Taviani –– Odin Teatret would like to thank to:

Thomas Bredsdorff, Knud Erik Knudsen, Raphaëlle Doyon, Kaj Kok, Nathan Meister –– Coproduction: Fondazione Pontedera Teatro & Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium (Denmark)


A female odyssey. A woman travels from one Mediterranean island to another in search of a loved one who has disappeared. A phantom accompanies her in a dance which brings her closer to an awareness of a definitive absence.

“Conventionally, Eugenio Barba is a theatre director […] Magic is necessary and the master takes the wand. What strange ritual is he performing? What alchemy is taking place? What are the signs he’s tracing in the air? It’s actually a transformation, we feel it, but it’s impossible to know its nature, it’s almost an alchemical transformation. Sacerdot, mage or mere illusionist, that gentleman imbued with a mysterious power is performing for us the miracle of an ancient ritual, which renews itself every time.” (Antonio Tabucchi)


Performance in Italian